About I Love Africa Market

I Love Africa Market is a platform that showcases goods for sale from our brand, partners, and different vendors. We bring all of Africa’s finest products to your doorstep. Currently, we have 3 business models: 

  1. Drop shipping
  2. A multi-seller platform like Amazon
  3. I love Africa Brand Product sales.

Here at I Love Africa Market, the quality of products and the satisfaction of our customers are our priorities. This we consider crucial because one right turn deserves another. We believe that a customer treated well will enable word-of-mouth marketing to family, friends, and business partners who may want to make use of our brand-quality products.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to redefine the online marketplace in Africa and the diaspora by creating a more fulfilling and sustainable business and purchase platform. We are driven by the concept of satisfying our buyers and harnessing the power of business to empower communities and people to grow and develop and connect them with millions of people in Africa and diaspora.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to revolutionize e-commerce in Africa and in the diaspora, we want every merchant to have an equal opportunity to grow their audience and market.


I Love Africa Market will save people time and make lives easier. We will assist everyone who would like to make a purchase or sell online. We are an online marketplace that matches buyers with sellers. Moreover, this allows users to find immediate help with buying and selling.

The main function of the I Love Africa Marketplace platform includes:

> Acting as an aggregator between parties

> Offers customer support to aid their selection process

> Manages the cash flow between the parties and offers an online portal for payment

> Build a network and add more users to the website

> Keep updating the website to make changes depending on the changing needs