Commerce Policy and Rules

ILoveAfrica Marketplace Rules and Commerce Policy:

This part of the article helps you know what kinds of products are allowed and the ones that are prohibited.

This policy applies to the marketplace and to any buying and selling that occurs on the website or originating from any of the social platforms.

Specific items cannot be sold on the ILoveAfrica marketplace.

Some of the items that are prohibited from being sold on the ILoveAfrica marketplace include:

● Adult products and services

● Alcohol

● Animals

● Digital media and electronic devices

● Tickets for events

● Gift Cards

● Medical equipment

● Recreational, illegal, or prescription drugs

● Tobacco products and kit/gear

● Supplements

● Ammunitions, explosives, or weaponry


You must sell physical items

Services such as housekeeping, and the sale of event tickets are available to be sold via ads and sponsored posts. For that, indicate in the subject line when you send a mail. We do not list services on the ILoveAfrica market.

The description of the product must match the image. The digital photographs must match the title and the description on the website.


You cannot sell products that require a before and after picture such as weight loss pills.

ILoveAfrica market is committed to delivering a memorable customer experience for its clientele and has gone all-out to ensure their safety when they buy and sell online.

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