It is important to have all the information you need to decide to start selling on the ILoveAfrica marketplace.

No. Unlike other marketplaces, there are no listing fees.

Our customer service representatives will respond within 24 hours when you send an email to contact@iloveafricamarket.com

There are many ways to edit the marketplace and attract more sellers. You can optimize your listing by adding keywords in your title and description. You can write a longer description and include details on the item. You should hire a professional photographer to take quality pictures of your merchandise.

Tips to taking high-quality pictures for the ILoveAfrica marketplace

Some of the tips that will help you take pictures that depict your products accurately and attract the right clients to your online store are:

  1. Use a plain clean background that is clear of clutter.
  2. Take a product from different angles to show the exact representation of the product that you are selling.
  3. Add one or more picture⁷ that shows how your product looks when it is in use.
  4. Make use of professional cameras to get your high-quality HD pictures.
  5. Ensure that your product is visible and that you are using good lighting.