How to Make Money via the I Love Africa Marketplace

I Love Africa is pleased to announce the opening of her marketplace soon to vendors from Africa and all over the world to sell products that have great demand at an affordable price.

Whether you are looking to sell your products or advertise your products to get more exposure and recognition, the opportunity to sell and advertise via the ILoveAfrica marketplace is a great way to sell products, make more money and grow your business.

I love Africa Market is a Multi-Vendor e-commerce platform built that brings together merchants from all around the globe for the sole purpose of providing Afrocentric products for a wide and diverse global consumer market. It is a platform where sellers meet buyers.

In 2022, you can make money by listing your products on the ILoveAfrica marketplace.

Imagine making money from different countries of the world selling African products like Ankara clothing, handmade products, accessories, and more while the world sleeps.

You can sell anything as long as the people in your target market are the people that we have on our platform. One thing we can promise you is that Everyone who loves Africa, friends of Africa, and lovers of African products which also includes a targeted demographic of the society namely the beautiful black people in Africa and the diaspora will see your products.

With the use of technology, it is possible to list your products on the ILoveAfrica marketplace and make money.

An added advantage is that while you go about your daily business and while you get that much-needed sleep at night, I love Africa takes up the responsibility to promote your products and drive sales to the online shop you have with us for free!

Online shopping improved with the COVID pandemic in 2020. Over the last 12 months, there has been a massive boom in sales across online channels.

Selling on the ILoveAfrica marketplace is FREE.

Having your products on an online marketplace is how third-party companies can collaborate with ILoveAfrica and list and sell their products there.

US-based, Caribbean based and Africa based merchants can offer nationwide shipping for products in certain categories and can reach customers worldwide. You can extend your business beyond your local region. You can leave your customer a review while they also leave you a review to ensure that our audience gets the best experience when they visit our website.

You are allowed to sell locally at 10% of your transaction value while when you are making an international sale, the ILoveAfrica brand withholds 20% of the transaction value as our selling fees.

1. You reach your customers faster

I Love Africa platform gets millions of visits and reach monthly from people of diverse races and people who are Africans, Africans in diaspora, and friends of Africa as a targeted market. With such a massive reach of global black customers and people of other races, you can sell your products targeted at a diverse customer base easily on our platforms, across our websites and social media platforms. On your website and social channels, you can go on for months without generating such a rich and targeted market, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

2. Our platform is trusted

Our brand is credible and this credibility will benefit both the buyer and seller, as it will be more comfortable purchasing a trusted platform, and the chances of buyers making an immediate purchase are higher.

3. Clients shop more online

According to the 2021 consumer spending trends, 64% of American respondents report spending more online than in-person.

In the same report, 42% of the respondents say that when they discover new products via social media, they purchase from the marketplace. 66.7% of the respondents also make a purchase monthly using their mobile phones.

When it comes to demography, fewer and fewer people are buying their products in-store. 9.6% of Gen Z bought one item in a physical store in 6 months. This is less than the Millennials who recorded 31.04% and Gen X who recorded 27.5% and the Baby Boomers who recorded 31.9% of people who bought a product in a physical store in 6 months.

So what is your strategy for selling?

I Love Africa marketplace is an important ingredient in the strategy to help sell your products to a targeted audience. Merchant selling is the way to go in 2022.

Omnichannel is defined as “seamless and effortless, high-quality customer experiences that occur within and between contact channels – Frost & Sullivan

More and more companies are using this strategy to get more opportunities to sell in many different places. You can benefit from the interactions already happening on the ILoveAfrica website.

Take advantage of the millions of people visiting our platforms monthly and list your products on our marketplace so that you can take the opportunity to drive discovery and sales of your products in a place where the visitors are already warm.

Let us help you build, manage and scale the online business you desire. You can start today at zero cost to make money via the ILoveAfrica website.

Take advantage of the best features and functionality to display your products and run your business on a platform that will push you forward.

It is a convenient location for people to discover, buy and sell items. Listing on our marketplace is reaching buyers where they already are. You or your business may be listed in the following categories.

● Men’s products

● Women’s products

● Baby and Kids products

● Accessories

● Decors

● Household items

● Beauty products

● Custom and handmade products

● Jewelries

● Furnitures

● Deals

Shoppers can view the categories and search for the particular product they want.

Your orders must be shipped within three days and received in a week. Seller determines shipping and delivery time for custom and handmade products. This is specific for brands that create custom and handmade goods and be sure that you add up the amount available to solve any issues with supply and demand.

You will be having loads of communication and messages from buyers. You need to educate your consumers. Assure that you answer questions professionally and promptly.

You will be getting inquiries from people who want to purchase your product or repeat buyers and it is important to have a plan for how the items will be delivered to your client locally or internationally.

Generate tone and communication templates that your customer care representatives can use in handling your client’s pre and post-purchase inquiries.

We stand as the middle man between sellers and buyers to ensure that every issue with orders are resolved amicably, but we also advise you to use your customer care to make your brand voice shine and give your customers a wonderful web experience.

One of the benefits of selling on the ILoveAfrica marketplace is that buyers can discover easily your brand and its products.

Other gains that are made when you sell via the ILoveAfrica website are:

1. Extended reach

The retailers on the ILoveAfrica marketplace will be able to get their brand and products into the marketplace, gain market acceptance, and scale up.

2. Wonderful customer experience

Our marketplace improves the brand awareness of your products and provides you with a targeted audience who can buy your goods and grow excellent client relationships. Your product gets seen by the right people and increases the opportunity to interact and take the lead.

Selling on the ILoveAfrica marketplace is easy and the experience is different for merchants and individuals.

For merchants & individuals:

You can email us at Our customer service representatives will respond within 24 hours.